Full name Tran Hieu
Nickname Kidi Tran
Date of birth June 15, 1989
Email tranhieu156@gmail.com
Mobile 0963.156.189
Website KidiTran.com
Skype kidiwp


My name is Tran Hieu, also known as Kidi Tran. I worked at Megadrupal as a front-end developer and a project manager at AweThemes. And recently at AnPSoft & AltPlus I also a front-end developer. I graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication. However, after the graduation, I had an ambition to become a Front-end developer, so I decided to work online from home at first. Since now I have been specializing in front-end development at Megadrupal company for 5 years. During this time, I am responsible for covering PSD to HTML and CSS to create responsive websites of a high quality. In 2014, I became the project manager of a small team who builds WordPress theme to submit to Themeforest. In this position, I developed plans for each project, shared work to each member, gave solutions to problems and checked the quality of products before releasing. Recently at AnPSoft, I work with the WordPress developer team and finish this project.

My Goals

I am always interested in the way to create better products and services. So my goal is to become a front-end developer who builds quality products. The 2nd one is to become a UX designer because I want to understand more about how customers interact with products around the world as well as how to make customers feel comfortable and happy when using the products. Therefore, I am looking for a company which focuses on products' quality and a position in which I can explore new problems, come up with ideas and finds out more creative solutions so that I can improve my strong points as well as understands myself more.

My Skills

  • More than 3 years of experience in front-end design.
  • Very good at writing HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experienced in using Jade/Pug, Less, Sass, Scss
  • Experience of CSS Framework (Bootstrap, 960Grid)
  • Experience with JS and CSS3 Animation
  • Create reusable code CSS follow BEM (Block, Element, Modify) methodology
  • Add interactivity to a website with Javascript (jQuery, jQuery UI)
  • Take a PSD and turn it into a responsive website template across browsers, devices.
  • Work comfortably with version control system such as Git, SVN
  • Manage and collaborate repositories with team by Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Visual Studio
  • Knowledge on using Gulp, Bower, NPM, Prepros
  • A solid understanding of how to use WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Being able to confidently use FTP applications.
  • Experience working in a design/UX driven environment
  • Get experience with Photoshop, Firework, and Illustrator
  • Good at writing and reading English
  • Good problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as in group/team
  • Ability to work with some project management tool like Trello, Asana, Bitrix24, Jira

Project Examples

      News Project from AnPSoft company

Coming Soon HTML5 Template

Landing / One Page HTML5 Template

E-commerce HTML5 Template

Hotel HTML5 Template

Education HTML5 Template

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